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Slice the Salami - Tips for Life and Leadership, One Slice at a Time

Available in soft cover and eBook

“Tips for Résumés and Interviews, All in One Hour” 

Available in soft cover, eBook, audio CD and download

“Corte el Salame, Consejos para la Vida y Liderazgo, Una Rebanada Cada Vez”

Spanish edition now available in soft cover and eBook

“Get Fit and Stay Fit for Life”

Available now as an eBook, and in soft cover from Amazon

Note: The paperback version is an 8.5” x 11” book with black and white photos,

while the digital eBook has color photos throughout.

NOTE: All book royalties are donated to charity.

When you purchase any of Lynnworth’s self-help books,

You help yourself - with tips for success you can immediately apply, and

You help a youth - with 100% of book royalties going to Team Randy.

Team Randy is an 8-week travel day camp for physically challenged, non-challenged and financially disadvantaged, intellectually able teens.

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Slice the Salami - Tips for Life and Leadership, One Slice at a Time

Want to manage your time better, achieve work/life balance, succeed at your job or secure a better one? This 300-page, 19-chapter self-help treasure shows you how with quick and clear bite-sized themes, including three chapters dedicated to interviews and résumés, and others which help you refine effective communications, teamwork, ethics and more.  Available now in soft-cover and eBook.

“Corte el Salame, Consejos para la Vida y el Liderazgo, Una Rebanada Cada Vez”

This is the same book as “Slice the Salami” (above) translated to Spanish.

Con capítulos cortos y claros, “Corte el Salame” le ayudará a manejar mejor su tiempo, lograr equilibrio entre su vida persona y profesional, conseguir un mejor empleo y ser exitoso.

Tips for Résumés and Interviews, All in One Hour” 

Want to ace your job or college interview and have a winning résumé? Are you a manager charged with selecting the best candidate? This quick-read one-hour guide will get you there with easy to read practical tips that work.  Available in soft-cover, as an eBook and also as an audio book.  Based on the material covered in Lynnworth’s live seminars, this guide is like having your own workshop in a book. (Audio version CD or download via

For each of these three books above, Lynnworth offers free sample résumés and STAR worksheets when you contact him through this website. Let him know which book you have.

“Get Fit and Stay Fit For Life”

A no nonsense, no cost, no equipment, no excuses fitness plan that works for any age and any starting condition. The fundamental theme of the book is “Anything Is Better Than Nothing!” Get started now with a daily workout plan that begins with only 5-minutes of productive activity that will improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Based on Lynnworth’s own daily routine was developed from over 50 years of athletics, including as a competitor and coach in gymnastics and as a student of tai chi, martial arts and other sports. With over 1,000 photos you can easily see how to create your personal plan for improved fitness and health.

Click here to order your book(s) now from Amazon!