Guest speaker, workshop leader, mentor, coach and consultant

Lynnworth creates a high-energy atmosphere for rapid and fun learning at his productive workshops across the country. Guest spots on TV, radio, blog forums or elsewhere generate questions from listeners that are answered with direct, clear and practical advice.  Here are examples of helpful services provided by Lynnworth in a variety of forums. 

In Jacksonville Florida, Lynnworth provided interview and résumé tips to 55 CareerSource participants, who then asked for more!  A survey prompted 30 to immediately sign-up for an in-depth follow-up workshop.  Tabletop exercises, role play and dynamic interaction are typical during these effective events.

Lynnworth here is part of an expert panel for a Menttium Corporations workshop in Chicago.

Menttium members enjoy tips and techniques shared by Lynnworth.


Connecting with participants, at this Borders Bookstore in New Hampshire.

From major chains to small town bookstores, such as The Riverow Bookstore, in Owego NY, Lynnworth holds workshops and book signings to benefit area residents.

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A management training seminar at Toms River Fitness, NJ

Book signing for staff.

Unique props engage the audience for a learning experience that’s fun and memorable.

Lynnworth’s seminar style is noted for energy, intensity, humor, inspiration, ease of learning, practicality and usefulness.  Techniques and tips are easily learned and can be immediately applied.

Lynnworth has been an on-air guest at Jacksonville Florida’s National Public Radio (NPR radio, 89.9 FM) on multiple occasions, to discuss his book.

Host/producer of WJCT’s First Coast Connect, Melissa Ross, poses excellent questions allowing Lynnworth to share his tips for résumés and interviews with listeners in the Jacksonville FL area.

Paltalk News Network is a global live Internet-based news station on which Lynnworth has been a guest multiple times.  Shown here is Mike Bonacorsi, CFP, hosting Lynnworth during a live one-hour broadcast from the studios in Nashua, New Hampshire. Participants are able to text and chat during real-time. 

From September 10 to November 12, 2010, Lynnworth hosted his own global broadcast, answering questions worldwide.

Shown here, Lynnworth broadcasts live from a remote studio for his weekly one-hour Q&A.


Lynnworth donates his time as a volunteer adjunct instructor for University and Community College level classes via Skype.  Seminars run one hour plus questions and answers, with students often remarking about their immediate success they achieved from the practical tips learned.

If your school or community can benefit from such a free workshop,

please “CONTACT” Lynnworth.

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This 6-minute YouTube video is an excerpt from a one-hour workshop Lynnworth conducted for teenagers at a local library, to help them prepare for a part-time or first full-time job, or to be ready for college entrance interviews.  Seminar audiences range from adults in career transition, as at the CareerSource event shown above, to teenagers seeking early career tips.  At-home exercises, interview preparation and how to make your resume achieve its objective are key themes.

The YouTube 5-minute video at left is an excerpt from one of Lynnworth’s 1.5-hour community presentations, in Hudson, New Hampshire. Lynnworth provided an overview of what is covered in his interactive seminar, with a highlight of the benefit of following Lynnworth’s proven plan to success, a real-life success story: “Job offer in less than 48 hours.”