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As an expert source, Lynnworth is quoted in various national and international publications, serves as a guest on global blog-radio programs, and is a frequent contributor to journalists, bloggers, authors and commentators.  Click the heading links below to obtain more details. 

Unemployed? Keep building your résumé.  Lynnworth is quoted in this article about how to be productive while out of work, including the value of volunteering your time.

Does Volunteering Give Job Seekers an Edge?  Lynnworth adds to this Wall Street Journal article with perspectives related to the value of networking while volunteering.

How to Create a Mentorship Program

Lynnworth provides the anchor comment in this summary of corporate mentoring.

Did You Hire the Wrong Project Team Member?  Now What?

The Project Management Institute, Inc., serves 320,000 members in over 180 countries.  Lynnworth explains the importance of interviewing with a focus on key skills for success.

“Conscious Discussions - Talk Radio Show,” Canada’s Blog Talk Radio, by Lillian Brummet.

Lynnworth was the special guest on this one-hour broadcast. This audio file provides insights on how to have successful interviews, and résumés that stand out from the crowd.  After the initial few minutes of introductory remarks by the hostess, Ms. Brummet, there are lots of tips and practical suggestions that can help you to improve your preparation and impact.

7 Real-World Business Transformation Leaders - What They Do and Why!  Lynnworth is the lead-off executive quoted in this business improvement blog site.  Teamwork works, is the theme of Lynnworth’s message.

Preparing for the Interview,” by Candace Moody, includes an exclusive interview for this career coaching blog.  Lynnworth answers questions about the importance of preparation and research, and how to use STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result) techniques for responses to skill-based questions from an interviewer.

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How to prepare from home for an upcoming interview and how to make your résumé stand out from the crowd are covered in this 7-minute audio excerpt from a half-hour live interview on the University of North Florida (UNF) college radio station, “Osprey Radio.”

Lynnworth discusses how to make positive change in your life, “a slice at a time,” as well as explains how to put hooks into your resume so that it achieves its objective.

This 5-minute video excerpt from a half-hour TV interview offers tips that are covered in detail in Lynnworth’s first book. 

The best quotes are from those who have gained by reading the books and have used Lynnworth’s tips.  See what people are saying who have read “Slice the Salami -Tips for Life and Leadership, One Slice at a Time,” and “Tips for Résumés and Interviews, All in One Hour,” and “Get Fit and Stay Fit For Life.”

Interview by Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D., founder of, provides many practical tips by Lynnworth on “How to Prepare for A Job Interview.”

Lynnworth’s tips for how to select the best job applicants was published in Australia’s Leadership Journal for the Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals, with permission to post this excerpt by the Executive Editor, Debra Crouch. If you want to learn more about this Leadership Journal and article, please contact Debra directly at

Lynnworth provides the final tip, #5, for how to have a more effective résumé by using what he calls “couplets,” combinations of skills and results.

In this CareerCloud article, Lynnworth offers specific tips for those who haven’t job hunted in several years. He addresses the importance of focusing on skills for success in the job sought, as well as updating those skills through volunteer work, taking courses and reading books such as those offered here in Lynnworth’s website.

Career expert and VP of Communications for Career Source Northeast Florida, Candace Moody, interviewed Lynnworth for this article about the importance of fitness. Moody states that “fitness and appearance can make a difference in your career path and influence the size of your initial salary offer.” Read Moody’s full article to learn how Lynnworth’s “Get Fit and Stay Fit for Life” can improve your health and career.